Ultrasound Wireless Powering (UWP)
Ultrasound PowerTM Delivery
Ultrasound PowerTM Delivery (UPD) is a revolutionary technique for wireless charging of batteries, or powering a device remotely in real time. Piezo Energy Technologies, a subsidiary of UltraPower, Inc. is focusing on UltraSound electrical recharging of medical implants (USer). Ultrasound PowerTM can be delivered to wirelessly charge batteries and capacitors located in remote, hard to access locations, where existing electromagnetic methods are ineffective.

Wirelessly Transfer Data & Energy Bidirectionally.

UWP – An UltraPower Technology

Our technology integrates ultrasound energy and piezoelectric materials to recharge batteries and/or deliver power remotely. UWP was developed by UltraPower, Inc. and its subsidiary, Piezo Energy Technologies, LLC. (PET), the first companies to recharge batteries remotely using ultrasound.

The Technology

Batteries are frequently embedded within a dense micro-component package, or electrically-conducting media, where electromagnetic wireless powering is either limited or impossible. UPD uses a pitch-catch technique to wirelessly transmit power through various materials, dramatically expanding the design potential for devices powered via wireless charging.

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Industrial Needs Include:

Consumer Digital Electronics

Safer and more efficient wireless charging for wearables, phones, tablets, and more.

Digital Instruments in Healthcare Environments

Perfect for efficient energy delivery inside larger medical devices or imaging equipment.

Oil, Gas, & Chemicals

This technology would apply directly to the actuators inside metallic vessels.

Automobiles & Appliance

The batteries underneath metallic surfaces would benefit from this technology.

Data Transfer

Our technology would help with the secure encryption of device near-field communication.

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Differentiation from Existing
Electromagnetic Rechargeable Systems

Same production costs as existing technologies

Directed ultrasound beam provides more efficient use of power

Smaller charging module with higher current charging possible

Avoidance of metal heating effects, such as those found in electromagnetic recharging devices for cell phones
Predictable material response upon exposure to unfocused ultrasound energy
Avoidance of interference between different devices using similar electromagnetic frequencies


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About UltraPower

Ultrapower, Inc. was formed in 2018 to further the use of ultrasound power delivery in non-medical applications. Because the technology is very similar to that used for medical applications, Piezo Energy Technologies was added as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2019. Both companies now use ultrasound-based techniques to empower innovators to develop superior offering for their customers.

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