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April 2024

Piezo Energy Technologies, LLC, CTO, Dr. Inder Makin, was invited to present during the recent International Microelectronics and Packaging Society’s (iMAPS) workshop on Advanced Packaging for Medical Microelectronics . The company was afforded a unique opportunity to showcase the differentiable superiority of UWPT compared to existing energy transfer schemes at this international expert forum of medical microelectronics designers, packaging experts and applications/project leads. In addition to a primer on physical principles of ultrasound energy relevant to UWPT, data from use cases for ultrasound powering were presented for small mm3-sized AIMDs up to substantive (several) watts consuming implant systems. Some details covered in the workshop are described in the downloadable conference abstract.

December 2023

At Acoustics 2023, Sydney, Piezo Energy Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary presents its latest technical advancements in the area of Ultrasound-based Wireless Power Transfer (UWPT)

The research paper at this international forum will describe the practical feasibility of powering devices remotely via ultrasound energy propagation through solid, liquid and other non-gaseous material media. Results presented will illustrate the broad range of capabilities using UWPT, such as, remote powering of systems requiring order of mW, to several watts (up to 10 W), power. More details are described in the downloadable conference abstract.

September 2023

Resulting from a fruitful collaboration between Piezo Energy Technologies (USA) and Ilika Technologies (UK), a methodology for remotely powering miniaturized solid-state batteries using “spot” MHz-frequency ultrasound sensors has been demonstrated. The included whitepaper describes the experimental approach and initial promising results

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